Acanchi was established in 2003 as an independent and privately owned London based consultancy. This independence ensures its neutrality and objectivity. Acanchi delivers tailored positioning strategy solutions for countries, regions and cities and is a pioneer in the field of developing holistic country positioning strategies.

Acanchi has advised the governments of Lebanon, Zambia, Bahrain, Isle of Man, Dominican Republic, Mauritius, Rwanda, Dubai and Israel. Acanchi also advised on positioning strategies for country flagship brands including Dubai’s World Expo 2020 bid and Israel’s Fuel Choices Initiative. Most recently, Acanchi developed and ran the ‘Vote No Borders Campaign’, a non-party political campaign for a No vote in the recent Scotland Referendum.

Clients come to Acanchi for many reasons. Externally, they may wish to enhance their nation’s standing in the world for, commercial, political, social or cultural development. Internally, they may wish to bind diverse groups within their nation together by creating a consensus around a more precisely expressed sense of identity and shared values. 

A Dedicated Team

Fiona Gilmore and her team have taken on many assignments with Governments and leaders to position their countries, regions or cities in the world.

Acanchi is Different

Countries, regions and cities are the focus of everything we do, everyday. We find positioning ideas that spring from the spirit of the people, place and history.

The Chi in Acanchi

Browse our gallery celebrating the spirit of people, place and history in the countries, regions and cities where we have worked, helping to focus communications strategies.