Acanchi delivers tailored positioning strategy solutions for countries, regions and cities and is a pioneer in the field of developing holistic country positioning strategies. Unlike other consultancies, Acanchi works exclusively in this field and has completed successful programmes of research and strategy for countries across the world.

Acanchi is not an ad agency. Nor is it a PR company. It isn’t an event organiser. Nor could it be said to be a marketing company. Acanchi has use for all these services in executional terms; yet its raison d’etre puts it into a different category altogether. Unique? Perhaps. Certainly, it is unusual and niche. But for the countries, regions and cities who commission Acanchi, its work is vital to achieving some immensely important objectives. 

A classic, traditional agency approach might be defined as ‘outside-in’: the ‘outsider’ agency conducts research to find a single (if possible) common, unifying element within the culture. It then finds creative ways of expressing this and uses this creativity to provide a ‘lens’ that focuses on this one factor. The problem with this is that such focus may be an illusion. At worse, an important story can get reduced to lowest-common-denominator vacuity. For, whilst the unifying element has been defined by on-the-ground research, it may tell only part of the story. Indeed, there may be many other facets to the culture that work against this one unifying theme; and so the desired consensus is not delivered.  Acanchi’s approach is the opposite of this: it is ‘inside-out’.

Who is Acanchi?

Acanchi was established in 2003 as an independent and privately owned London based consultancy. This independence ensures its neutrality and objectivity.

Our Work

We have developed holistic positioning strategies for countries and places across all continents including Bahrain, Hong Kong,  Isle of Man, Lebanon, Mauritius.


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