Who is Acanchi?
What we believe

Acanchi was established in 2003 as an independent and privately owned London based consultancy. This independence ensures its neutrality and objectivity.

Acanchi delivers tailored positioning strategy solutions for countries, regions and cities and is a pioneer in the field of developing holistic country positioning strategies.

We have developed holistic positioning strategies for countries and places across all continents including Bahrain, Hong Kong,
Isle of Man, Lebanon, Mauritius...
Countries, regions and cities need to build a strong positioning to fulfil their potential, unite people under a common mission and provide focus for communications and development.
We have unparalleled experience in giving high level strategic advice backed by practical knowledge of the implementation issues and a range of tools to bring the positioning to life.

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Tuesday, 21 October 2014
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"Now I think there is more sensitivity towards achieving a balance between accommodating international clientelle and protecting our local culture"

Local businessman - Dubai

It has been important for Dubai citizens to embrace and recognise the benefits of foreign investment and tourism at the same time as valuing their traditions and local cultures.