Acanchi advises governments and institutions on positioning strategy and communication programmes for countries and places. Acanchi’s team of experts includes researchers, anthropologists, psychologists, historians, economists, writers, producers and designers. Acanchi is proud to have helped countries to celebrate the spirit of its people, place and history, building self-esteem, focusing marketing efforts, creating new tangible initiatives and uniting people in a common mission.

Wide market adoption of fuel cells is hampered by their high cost. CellEra aims to be the first-to-market with fuel cell engines, comparable in cost to that of battery and internal combustion technologies
— Ziv Gottesfeld, Co-founder, CellEra
One of our goals is to reduce Israel’s oil consumption by 30% by 2020 and 60% by 2025 and serve as a catalyst for the world
— Eyal Rosner, Director, Fuel Choices Initiative