Acanchi thoroughly explores all aspects of the culture of the nation. It almost puts the nation on the psycho-analyst’s couch and examines its strengths and weaknesses in forensic detail. It examines how it sees itself; how others see it; how it would like to be seen. And having found the desired positioning, it then works within the nation to help deliver the consensus – either directly or by training others to deliver it. It creates many different kinds of ‘micro-initiatives’ that bring alive the unifying theme to the people themselves in inclusive and involving ways, so they may gradually feel an increasing sense of pride in their freshly-expressed identity. 

That positioning and those creative micro-initiatives then provide a 'lens' of a very different kind: one that helps the nation to project and amplify its new sense of identity and self-confidence to the outside world, so helping it to achieve its external objectives. Acanchi’s work therefore is not about treating nations as brands: nations are far too complex for USPs and classic brand planning. Rather it is about accepting that the rich complexity that makes up a nation’s essence often needs to be defined and re-expressed to allow it to ‘perform’ optimally and so achieve both internal cohesion and external traction on the world stage.

How We Can Help

We have unparalleled experience in giving high level strategic advice backed by practical knowledge of the implementation issues and a range of tools to bring the positioning to life.

We have:

  • Created a positioning for a country in the Gulf to serve as a catalyst for building a sense of civic society and easing acceptance of social reforms.
  • Developed a vision for a European nation that reflects that country's strengths in business and as a place to live, work or take a holiday.
  • Rebuilt the image of a Latin American country through developing a holistic brand positioning strategy.
  • Advised on strategies to create a coherent identity for citizens living in an Asian city which is undergoing dramatic change.
  • United the citizens of an African country under a visionary positioning strategy.

Unlocking Creativity

In every country, there are barriers to creativity. Our mission is to stimulate positive energy in places, opening doors to talent, trade, investment and tourism.

The tools we use:

  • Positioning Strategy for a Country, Region or City
  • Positioning Strategy for the following: Citizens, Diaspora and Returnees, Trade, Export Purchasers, Investors, Tourism Visitors and Public Opinion Formers
  • Positioning Strategy for a Flagship Brand of a Country, Region or City
  • Positioning Strategy Book
  • Micro-initiatives
  • Training and Workshops
  • Research: Qualitative and Quantitative
  • Film
  • Song
  • Website
  • Codes of Practice
  • Investors Brochure
  • Trade Accreditation Scheme
  • Visual Identity and Guidelines
  • External Agency Briefings